Saturday, February 26, 2011

Cool and Stylish Celtic Tattoo Designs

Cool and Stylish Celtic Tattoo

Celtic tattoo designs are a popular and cool option when considering symbolic tattoos. There is no limit to the designs available or the art in question, so Celtic tattoos are a frequent choice with tattoo enthusiasts of all ages.
Celtic tattoos are based off of Celtic art. When used in reference to tattoos, the adjective "Celtic" is pretty much synonymous with "tribal." Not only are they considered stylish now and very popular, they are historically popular as well.
The most popular Celtic designs are variations on the Celtic cross, which is typically a cross comprised of woven lines and a circle around the intersection of the lines of the cross. Also, the woven Celtic arm band is worn by both sexes with pride. Other popular designs classified as Celtic are the "Celtic knot" and the Claddaugh, which is the known Irish design that has two hands holding a heart.

Since Celtic culture dates back to six centuries BC, you can be sure that people have been getting Celtic tattoos since the inception of tattoos themselves. People today see Celtic tattoos as a way to connect with their roots by displaying an ornamental design.
Celtic and tribal art are the main inspiration for tattoos described as such. Celtic art is based heavily off of symbolism, and is not based in nature. The typically curved or woven lines are clean and monochromatic, with black being the standard. They vary greatly, and there really is no "typical" Celtic tattoo. Standard of the style, though, are thick lines full of asymmetrical, curved lines that frequently weave together.