Thursday, February 17, 2011

Reasoning with Vampires

Is it rather sad that I begin my work days with a dose of Reasoning with Vampires? I'm not sure where Dana, the author of RwV lives, but she updates some time when I'm asleep so by 8:30 when I'm at work, I would see all the new updates. So it's become a bit of a routine now that I just drop in for my daily grammar/writing style tip and only after that can I move on with my life.

Yet everytime I wonder to myself why I am doing this, Dana (and/or Stephenie Meyer) manages to remind me. It's so I don't come up with characters like this:

I would not mind this if the whole four books weren’t like this. Eventually, Bella’s descriptions really pain me, not because I was so struck by the contrast whatever between her and Eddiekins, but because Bella needs to get over herself and get a life!

Bella, why do I hate you so much when I know I’m supposed to lurrrrve you? 

I tell myself I wouldn't rant about Twilight on here, and this is becoming one :|