Thursday, May 5, 2011

Because you're Swiss, not feta

You know, if New Moon was actually a satire, I'd say it was geniusly done, especially when Bella keeps going on (and on and on) about her "gaping hole". 

But for a description that is supposed to be taken seriously...well, honestly, can you take it seriously? 

On another note, why, oh Stephenie, why would you want to compare your deepest, darkest, rawest and most painful feelings to...cheese? 

Read the above simile with regards to Swiss cheese again and tell me that that's not something to be taken straight out of a parody. 

Then again, this post from RwV just made me laugh for much too long. 

Please, Bella Stephenie, research cheese before you start using it as a simile/metaphor for depression. Thank you.