Monday, May 2, 2011

Some more favourite #wsf Tweets

Action Hero
by IBTProductions
a huge wall of beer crates tumbled to reveal a line of women in victorian dress wearing dead octupus as masks
Alex - Third Angel
by IBTProductions
She's reading a letter for the 1st time, out loud, just to me. She does this every day & it feeds into the show. She's crying. So am I.
Jo Bannon
by IBTProductions
she pushes her pelvis into mine, hers bulging and muscular, mine soft and fleshy. we look at each other, we both have tears in our eyes
Heather Marsden
by IBTProductions
A man gags as he eats a five pound note whilst wearing bread shoes
Sedated By A Brick
by IBTProductions
Sudden realisation as the man throws the microphone away and sits on the floor laughing exactly as before that everything is lipsynched