Saturday, July 30, 2011

last day of July

It's going to be the last day in July tomorrow. I'm very busy these days. I have many things to tell you. This month is full of new events to me. I'll report to you little by little since I have to be ready for my 2nd pastel workshop tomorrow. Then the next day, I'm going to Hakone to stay there for one night. I'm very looking forward to seeing the fireworks from my Ryokan(Japanese-style inn) room! The fireworks will be displayed over this lake!

Lake Hakone

However, the weather is not good these days. The sudden and heavy rain damages some areas in Japan.

When we see the world, lots of bad news are heard like terrorism in Norway, bullet train accident in China and heavy rain in South Korea. Some were done by Human and some were done by Nature. Human beings are powerless in front of power of Nature. I wish everybody remember the fact and view things on a large scale.

I hope the weahter will be perfect soon!!

Friday, July 29, 2011

Luau (many more fun pictures)

My husband bought everyone in our family Hawaii style clothes

Professor Wayne H. Knox and his wife performing on stage

Program chair Steve Cundiff with his family.

Professor Harris

Pretty girl

General Chair Daniel Gauthier and his wife

Luau workshop students performing on stage.

Engaging conversation

Call for voluteers

Professor Boyd walking to stage...

sidestage with beautiful girls

General chair Takunori Taira with his wife

Professor Andy Kung with the famous couple. You know who they are, right?

Professor Takayoshi Kobayashi with the famous couple, again.

concluding remarks by Steve Cundiff and his sleepy daughter

Thursday, July 28, 2011

poster session (many pictures)

Entrance of the poster session room...

This meeting had 149 presentations including 3 plenary, 30 invited, 92 oral, and 24 poster presenations. There were many interesting results presented there. One thing I like about the poster session is the valuble face to face communication with the presenter. You can get all your questions answered.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

50 years of NLO---talk by Robert Byer

Prof. Byer talked about his passion for both light waves and ocean waves:

He mentioned a story when he worked with Prof. Harris:

He dropped the crystal yet this leads to Stanford's crystal growing by themselves and a life long collaboration. So bad things can turn to be good afterall.

Prof. Byer's slide is available on 2011 NLO website.

Thanks Andy Kung for providing me the pitures.

The Birth of Nonlinear Optics---talk by professor Nicolaas Bloembergen

Although Professor Bloembergen used the old-fashioned projector, he delivered a wonderful talk on the early history of the nonlinear optics.

He started by saying that Ruby laser is nonlinear optics. Therefore, we should celebrate the birth of nonlinear optics 1 year earlier, together with the laserfest.

Applause continued for a long time after his talk.

Thanks to Andy Kung for providing me these pictures.