Friday, July 8, 2011

It all ends here...except it doesn't

First I do have to ask myself, what am I doing this to myself? I have avoided ranting and tantruming about the fact that Warner Bros have waited till the last movie to REFUSE to let HP7.2 show in theatres in Vietnam! Some stupid reasons about copyright and the way the box-office earnings are split. I don't care, I just think they're not doing themselves any favour. It's the last film, there are no Harry Potter film after this!! It's not as if by holding this one back, they can blackmail people into better negotiations for the next one! What are they trying to achieve? Who do they think they're punishing?? I just - argh - I'll stop. Seriously I need to stop thinking about this otherwise I'll go into a definitely rage. It's just ...unfair!

So I really don't know what state the movie will be in when I finally get to see it. I would like to tell myself that I would be patient enough to wait for a half-decent version to show up on the internet but I don't trust myself that much.

But anyway, that video. I don't get emotional that easily, but this video just destroyed me, I really was tearing up. I think I lost it when Dan came over to hug Emma. I haven't always liked the Harry Potter movies, mostly because I rarely see eye-to-eye with the screenwriter, but I can't pretend that the movies haven't been a big part of my life. I love the books most and foremost, but the movies have always been there as well. I watch them and I probably criticise them more than they deserved but that's because I love the story so much. So watching this video of the trio and Jo saying goodbye, I just don't know what to say now. I;m just sort of sitting here staring into space, trying to comprehend how it could be over and how I could take for granted all the excitment and anticipation of a new film before. I really can't grasp the idea that both the movies and the books are all over. There's nothing to look forward to now and that's a surreal feeling. (Well, no, that's not true. There's Pottermore.) But how could something that had so long been a part of so many people's lives just be...over?

P.S: I love Jo for nothing if not for this: "The big seven: Dan, Rupert, Emma, Matt, Evanna, Bonnie, Tom." So Steve Kloves might have ruined Bonnie's character in the movies but at least Jo appreciates her! (It's quite obvious that Jo definitely appreciates Ginny!)

P.S2: I'm just watching the press conferenc for 7.2 on Youtube and actually clapped when I found out they will leave in the entire line of "Not my daughter, you bitch!" I can't wait to see Mrs Weasley kickass!