Sunday, October 30, 2011

Happy Halloween!!

I finished the pastel class with my sister successfully today. Our students created their original picture. I'll introduce the photos of today (maybe) tomorrow.

Please enjoy the last day of October!

Happy Halloween!!

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Beautiful Sunset

This was the sunset of yesterday.

When I went grocery-shopping yesterday,
the red of the sunset was so beautiful
that I tried to find the place where it started from.

I found the breathtaking beautiful sunset.

And Mt. Fuji could be seen clearly and magnificently.

I regretted not having a camera with me.
But I kept the beautiful scene in my heart so that I could paint it later. 

Clouds reflected the sunset and shone pink and red.

The upper air was still blue and the shadow of clouds had different colors.

What a beautiful world it was!!

I wish I could depict this beautiful world more accurately.

But considering I didn't have any tools to express my world,
I couldn't be happier.

My world was drastically changed after I learned pastel-painting.

At the same time, I realized words delivered only a little.

I promised myself to feel and receive by my heart
and to express this love-filled world by a variety of ways.

This world is filled with much love.

I feel that love very deep in my heart.

I trust and express that love.

Thank you for letting me notice it.



Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Standing at the Cliff Edge

I am loving this Poncho! I bought it from the lovely Sara from Pandora's Box. I always find that it is harder for us in the UK to find similar brands such as Mink Pink and Free People. All these Californian blogs have not only got me craving sun but also their brands as well!

Wearing: Poncho, Next Jeans, Acne boots, Asos fringed bag, Primark Belt.

Its so nice looking back at these pictures from the weekend while it pour's it down here in London! I really appreciate how beautiful it is back down the coast near my home town, especially now I am back in the big smoke! Me and Jack walked up the side of the cliff's to take a look at the light house, like a typical boy he got far too close to the edge and had me screaming like a paranoid girlfriend the whole time!!
Some of you may have guessed that yes, these are the same jeans as the last post! What can I say, I am obsessed with them!! Also really loving Primarks selection right now! This belt was only £2 and is actually really heavy and well made! Have been finding some real bargains in there! 
Have a happy rainy Wednesday! 

Monday, October 24, 2011

Back Streets- New Topshop Coat!

Never have I fallen so head over heals for a Jacket before! This Topshop one in a Tall (damn you lanky arms!) ticks all the boxes for me!
Fur collar = Tick
Leather =Tick
Zips on arms= Tick
Elbow detailing = Tick
Extremely Hot= Tick

Also loving these Burgundy Next jeans in, yes you guessed it, TALL! 

Wearing: Topshop Jacket, Next Burgundy Skinny Jeans, Urban Outfitters Studded Bag (last year) Office snake affect boots.
Lipstick: Topshop Brighton Rocks 

I have been a little MIA recently, mainly because I have been giving the bf the attention he deserved this weekend after not being able to see each other for a while! I had an amazing weekend soaking up the sunshine and taking in the beauty of the South East country side! I have lots of beautiful pics your you all!
What did you get up to this weekend? 
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Sunday, October 23, 2011

pastel therapy workshop

I finished the pastel workshop last weekend successfully.

I hold 2 types of pastel workshops. One type is just to paint pictures by pastel. The other type is not only painting but also counseling and giving messages to participants, which I call pastel therapy workshop. This therapy workshop is always full soon after I recruit participants in my Japanese blog.
It was the pastel therapy workshop last weekend. There were 4 participants. One of them who is my best friend always lends me her house for this workshop and joins the class.

I always teach the basic skill at first by painting `Circle'.  These above art works are the participants' .
All of them are unique and original! I believe all the paintings represent the painters' personality.

The second painting was `autumn leaves'. I brought real maple and ginkgo leaves to make patterns.

Then by using the patterns, they colored the leaves.

All leaves and all colors are beautiful and gorgeous!!

In my workshop, at first I always like to tell participants everything you create and yourself are perfect and beautiful as they are. 
Then when they paint the 2nd picture, I try to show them their new possibility which they don't notice yet but I can see by adding some essence in their picture.

I know it's very difficult to change their personality soon. But it's easier to notice their pattern through their pictures and to change it if they like to do so by changing how to paint.

In the beginning, I was hesitant to do so. But a few repeated to come back to my workshop and changed their real life dramatically. They encouraged me to do so.

They are my beloved students! Besides painting, I do guided meditation and give them messages by using oracle cards. That is my pastel therapy workshop! 

I'll have another workshop this weekend at the pottery studio I attend. This is just a painting class but hosted with my little sister who is also a pastel instructor.
I like to recruit more participants for this!

Friday, October 21, 2011

pastel workshop

It is my 6th pastel workshop tomorrow. I'll teach how to paint autumn leaves. I love all colors of autumn leaves, red, yellow and still green.

Since I couldn't expect tours due to the disasters, I learned pastel-painting and became an instructor.
This skill helps me a lot now. I'll have 2 more workshops this year.

I painted 2 pictures of the 2nd photo today. The first picture which isn't here was very dark and I realized I was very tired.
Then I painted again after I remembered the happy feeling. Then I could paint the much better ones now. I'm content. I'm ready for tomorrow's workshop!!

Please enjoy all the moments of the changing colors of autumn leaves!!!
It has already started!!!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Smile again!

Kobe seaport

I finished the tour in Kobe on the 14th. It was a fabulous tour and members were awesome!!
Thanks to them, I could remember many of important things, which I almost forgot.
I like to report the tour in detail but another busy days (not tours) are going to start tomorrow.
So please wait until I find time!

Dear my Australian friends,

I hope you had a safe and comfortable flight back to home!
It was a great pleasure to have met you and shared wonderful moments together with you.
Thanks to you, I remembered how to smile!

at Golden Pavilion

I smiled but now I realized I can smile more from my heart.
And I remembered how much I love this job!

with Maiko-san at Kyoto station

Thank you very much for celebrating my birthday although my birthday was 5 months ago (^_-)-☆

with Australians at American restaurant, TonyRoma's in Kyoto

I'll post more photos after Hiro sends me.

See you soon!
Keep in touch!!


Beach wallpapers

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Tropical Beach wallpaper
Tropical Beach wallpaper
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Beach wallpaper

Tuesday, October 11, 2011


October 11, 2011

Folks, there really isn't an easy way to do this so I'm just going to come right out and say it. I have decided to give up this blog. It's something I've been thinking about for quite a while now. When I decided to go ahead and make the announcement, I considered waiting until the end of the month, or the end of the year, or the next ACPT … but you know what? It's not going to get any easier the longer I put it off.

I can't tell you how much I've enjoyed sharing the puzzle with you and how much I appreciate all of you who have made this blog a community. We've had some fun, haven't we? But I'm ready to do some other things with my blog time, like constructing puzzles, solving puzzles, and non-puzzle-related things like working out, reading books and, oh yeah, paying attention to my children. It's not even really that doing the blog takes up all that much time, it's just that having the obligation every day has started to wear on me. Also, since I started back to work full-time, I definitely haven't spent as much time on the blog as I used to and I think that shows. Part of my reason for giving it up is that I just don't have the time to do it right. And there's something completely unsatisfying about posting a half-assed attempt at a crossword blog every day knowing that people are, ya know, reading it and everything.

There are other crossword blogs out there (links are in the sidebar). I hope you find one that works for you. If anyone starts up a new LAT blog, please let me know and I'll do what I can to get the word out.

So now I'm feeling a little nostalgic and thinking about all that we've been through here at LACC. It was great fun blogging with Rex and Amy for a while and when I took it over myself you all stayed, which was awesome. I hope the Crosswordese 101 lessons have been useful and that other aspects of the blog have increased your enjoyment of puzzles. That really was the whole point of the blog when we started it. I think my favorite post over the life of this blog has to be the wrap-up of last year's ACPT. It was really fun to try to express how special the ACPT is. I hope to see some of your there next year.

Couple quick things before I ride off into the sunset. First, next time you're in the grocery store, check out the November issue of Oprah Magazine. I'm on page 167. It's a story about people who have found hobbies they're passionate about. I'm absolutely thrilled that they included me (thanks, Amy, for sending them my way!). And finally, if you haven't been watching Jeopardy the past several days, you really must start. Joon Pahk is A-Maz-Ing and it's so much fun to watch one of CrossWorld's denizens making a big splash.

So. There you have it. I don't really know what else to say. How about one more big THANK YOU for everything and we'll call it good.

Monday, October 10, 2011

10.10 Mon

October 10, 2011
Jeff Chen

Theme: Emotional Athletes — Familiar phrases that start with a color are defined in relation to sports teams.

Theme answers:

  • 17A: Terrified Detroit baseball player? (WHITE TIGER).
  • 33A: Embarrassed Carolina football player? (PINK PANTHER).
  • 39A: Depressed Miami football player? (BLUE DOLPHIN).
  • 58A: Jealous San Francisco baseball player? (GREEN GIANT).
This here is a pretty fancy Monday, wouldn't you say? Simple, clever theme, straightforward cluing, some crosswordese to help you get a foothold, a little sparkle here and there and then, bam! Two 15s in the downs! Wow! We don't see that very often. Why? Because it means each down entry has to run through two theme answers and that's a substantial constraint. But Jeff made it work, so hats off to him.

Long, sparkly entries:
  • 3D: Fast food pickup site (DRIVE-THRU WINDOW).
  • 11D: Reprimands (READS THE RIOT ACT).
  • 12D: Looks that lovers make (GOO-GOO EYES).
  • 1A: Cheryl of "Charlie's Angels" (LADD). Of course, a late 70s pop culture reference is always a good start for me.
  • 32A: "Don't make me laugh!" ("HAH!"). Love this colloquial exclamation.
  • 38A: Strolls down to the saloon (MOSEYS). The word "strolls" can lead to a lot of synonyms, but it's Monday, so the clue takes us straight to the one we need.
  • 48A: Went off course, nautically (YAWED). I think I finally have this one down.
  • 53A: "Community" network (NBC). This was a mystery to me. I guess "Community" is a TV show. I don't watch much TV these days.
  • 64A: Online status update limited to 140 characters (TWEET). Here's the problem with Twitter. Yes, the status updates are, at most, 140 characters long, so it seems like you could just check in real quick and then go on with whatever you're doing, right? Where that strategy breaks down is when you follow a gazillion people, which is what I do. And then when they link to interesting articles that I have to go read. I could literally spend all day on Twitter.
  • 40D: Unsophisticated (LOWBROW). Adding a little more sparkle to this grid.
Crosswordese 101 Round-up:
  • 47A: __ Lanka (SRI).
  • 57A: Arp's art movement (DADA).
  • 65A: 'Vette roof option (T-TOP).
  • 9D: Cliffside nest (AERIE).
  • 18D: Bird by the beach (ERN).
  • 34D: French friends (AMIS).
  • 59D: Fair-hiring inits. (EOE).
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Everything 1A: Cheryl of "Charlie's Angels" (LADD); 5A: Screwdriver liquor (VODKA); 10A: "Logically, then ..." (ERGO); 14A: The "height" part of a height phobia (ACRO); 15A: Have __ to pick (A BONE); 16A: Red Army leader Trotsky (LEON); 17A: Terrified Detroit baseball player? (WHITE TIGER); 19A: Vietnam neighbor (LAOS); 20A: Cuts off (SEVERS); 21A: Architect I.M. (PEI); 22A: Advantage (EDGE); 23A: Very long time (EON); 24A: Indy 500 entrant (RACER); 26A: Tippler (SOT); 27A: Memo-directing abbr. (ATTN.); 29A: Actress Sorvino (MIRA); 30A: Voice below soprano (ALTO); 32A: "Don't make me laugh!" ("HAH!"); 33A: Embarrassed Carolina football player? (PINK PANTHER); 36A: Boeing competitor (AIRBUS); 38A: Strolls down to the saloon (MOSEYS); 39A: Depressed Miami football player? (BLUE DOLPHIN); 43A: Gun, as a V6 (REV); 44A: Ran a tab (OWED); 45A: Mine products (ORES); 46A: Talk like Daffy (LISP); 47A: __ Lanka (SRI); 48A: Went off course, nautically (YAWED); 50A: "Little Red Book" writer (MAO); 51A: Prefix with directional (OMNI-); 53A: "Community" network (NBC); 54A: Sealy alternatives (SERTAS); 57A: Arp's art movement (DADA); 58A: Jealous San Francisco baseball player? (GREEN GIANT); 60A: Take too much of, briefly (O.D. ON); 61A: Me-tooer's phrase (SO DO I); 62A: Teen outbreak (ACNE); 63A: Noises from itty-bitty kitties (MEWS); 64A: Online status update limited to 140 characters (TWEET); 65A: 'Vette roof option (T-TOP); 1D: Cops enforce them (LAWS); 2D: Yen (ACHE); 3D: Fast food pickup site (DRIVE-THRU WINDOW); 4D: Pamper (DOTE ON); 5D: Chocolate factory vessels (VATS); 6D: __-Wan Kenobi (OBI); 7D: Where boxers and pugs play (DOG PARK); 8D: Leg joint protector (KNEECAP); 9D: Cliffside nest (AERIE); 10D: Cosmo rival (ELLE); 11D: Reprimands (READS THE RIOT ACT); 12D: Looks that lovers make (GOO-GOO EYES); 13D: Beginning (ONSET); 18D: Bird by the beach (ERN); 24D: __ Tin Tin (RIN); 25D: Yakked and yakked (RAN ON); 27D: Starbuck's captain (AHAB); 28D: Like a custom suit (TAILOR MADE); 29D: Soup with sushi (MISO); 31D: Capt.'s subordinates (LTS.); 33D: "I tawt I taw a __ tat!" (PUDDY); 34D: French friends (AMIS); 35D: Letters on reply cards (RSVP); 37D: Drone or worker (BEE); 40D: Unsophisticated (LOWBROW); 41D: Come before (PRECEDE); 42D: "If __ only listened!" (HE'D); 46D: Rope at a rodeo (LARIAT); 47D: City destroyed by fire and brimstone (SODOM); 49D: Common teen emotion (ANGST); 50D: Ryan of "When Harry Met Sally..." (MEG); 52D: Actors McKellen and Holm (IANS); 54D: Agitated state (SNIT); 55D: A.D. part (ANNO); 56D: Armstrong's "small" stride (STEP); 59D: Fair-hiring inits. (EOE).