Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Standing at the Cliff Edge

I am loving this Poncho! I bought it from the lovely Sara from Pandora's Box. I always find that it is harder for us in the UK to find similar brands such as Mink Pink and Free People. All these Californian blogs have not only got me craving sun but also their brands as well!

Wearing: Poncho, Next Jeans, Acne boots, Asos fringed bag, Primark Belt.

Its so nice looking back at these pictures from the weekend while it pour's it down here in London! I really appreciate how beautiful it is back down the coast near my home town, especially now I am back in the big smoke! Me and Jack walked up the side of the cliff's to take a look at the light house, like a typical boy he got far too close to the edge and had me screaming like a paranoid girlfriend the whole time!!
Some of you may have guessed that yes, these are the same jeans as the last post! What can I say, I am obsessed with them!! Also really loving Primarks selection right now! This belt was only £2 and is actually really heavy and well made! Have been finding some real bargains in there! 
Have a happy rainy Wednesday!