Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Kahl's Version of Captain Hook

This photo taken during production of "Peter Pan" is interesting to me.
You see Frank Thomas working on the scene with Captain Hook, when he is anxiously waiting for Tinker Bell to reveal the hiding place of Peter Pan. 
I don't know who the visitor is, but she seems to be admiring the Hook model sheet.
The drawings on that sheet are by fellow animator Milt Kahl, who had lobbied hard for the assignment to animate Hook. But Walt Disney wanted Milt to supervise the title character as well as Wendy, and it was Frank who ended up with the villain.
He remembered screening his first test scene for Walt and the crew. Milt was very displeased with the result, "That's a nothing scene" he touted. 
Frank was relieved when he heard Walt's comment, "No, there's something there, I want Frank to play with the character a bit more, he'll get it."

When you look at Milt's drawings below, you can detect his typical graphic abstractions. 
The jaw line is an almost inconsistent design, but it still works.
We'll never find out how Milt would have handled Hook in animation.

It doesn't matter, Frank Thomas did some of his best animation on Captain Hook.
The way he interacts with Smee or Tinker Bell feels to me like animated "acting fireworks".
A phenomenal character.

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Oracle Cards

It is an intercalary day today, Feb. 29th.
It was the first day when my area was covered with lots of snow.

It is a snowman somehow.

I canceled today's plan and stayed home peacefully.

One of my hobbies is cards-reading.
I actually attended some courses how to read cards a few years ago.

I often use card decks designed by Dorren Virtue.
I already had 9 decks of hers and another persons.
And I ordered more recently.

I opend the Romance Angels card deck today.

The cards inside are like these.
Very beautiful and romantic!!

I'm going to have the first pastel-therapy workshop next month this year.
I'll use this deck for the attendance.

In my Japanese-language blog, I gave readers a message by usuing this card.
The card was this below.

Love Yourself First
In the same way you love yourself, you love your partner.
If you can't love yourself truly, you don't understand what the true love means
and how much your partner loves you.
You are loved by your partner as much as you love yourself.

Japanese tend to love others first and put ourselves besides.
It is very difficult to love ourselves truley.
But these days, many of us are awaken to learn how to love ourselves and start expressing.

This is the message for you in my English-language blog.

Let Your Friends Help You
Don't have problems and distress to solve by yourself.
Your friends are always there for listening to you.
You are happy when you can help your friends.
Your friends are the same.
They'll be happy when they can help you.
Please don't take those chances away from your friends.
With them, you feel new energy and refresh yourself.
Then new opportunities and ideas come to you.

There is a manual to understand each card.
But inspiration is more important when you see those cards.
If you are interested in, please try this!
Have fun!!

Dragon Falls

Thanks, pell!

My favourite singer Selena Gomez

My favourite singer Selena Gomez, who is your favorite? Tell me.....
 Selena Gomez
 Selena Gomez

Denim Uniform

Wearing: Topshop jeans and Cardiagan, Zara tee (old) Levi Jacket, Thrifted bag and Ash trainers

Wow it's wednesday already! Where is time going to? I am so busy at the moment with Uni work as I am in my final year as well as getting the shop ready!! So excited as I just got new stock in which I absolutely love! 
This was a very casual outfit for me as I had a fun (yet terrifying) day out at London Bridge experience and London tombs, if anyone has gone you know what I am talking about! Hope I am not the only scardy cat!
The main thing about this outfit is my new Ash shoes! They are perfect for me as I never ever wear flats, I don't even think I own any so they are a perfect compromise because they have a hidden wedge heel they really comfortable too! After all the LFW madness I wanted to wear something really casual yet kind of stylish too. Keeping my leopard print going, you must be getting sick of it now!
Oh and the cheeky bum shot is from the boy, ask for outfit shots and that is what I end up with a camera full of bum pictures!! 
The winner of the Turquoise Cuff giveaway is being announced on fb here at 12.00pm!

Challenge #21 Sponsored by KreaTeja

Goodmorning all, thank you everyone for the great cards you've made for the last challenge. Thanks also to those who want to join our GDT for the next couple of months, you really made it very difficult for us ...It is going to be a tough decision, we love to have you all, but for now we are looking for 2 or 3 GDT members ;o) You can find the new GDT on this blog Sunday, March 4.

This challenge will be sponserd by Krea Teja and the price you can win is a suprice ... believe me it is a great one ;o)

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The sketch is made by Marion and the TWIST for this challenge is 
'Baby it is cold outside, make a winter theme card'. 
Please read the rules before you playing with us this time ;o) You can find the sketch on the end of this post ...

We want to thank Karin for being a great GDT member and we hope you will join us in the challenges ...and come by once in a while ;o)

And here is some inspiration for you ...

Made by Claire

Made by Wilma

Made by Nicolet 

Made by Monique

Made by Nicole

Made by Janneke

Made by Marga

Made by Sandra 

Made by Betina  

Made by Renata

Made by Carol

Linda is busy with school, so no card from her this challenge (good luck with it sweetie) 
 Marion is not feeling well after her operation (hope you are feeling better soon)

Here is the sketch that Marion made for you this time ;o)

As always, you can rotate the sketch and resize the elements, as long as you follow the original sketch and use a stamped image or digistamp, that way your entry qualifies for the prize draw. To join the challenges and to be eligible for the prize made ​​available by the sponsor of this challenge, we have a few rules. You can find them here.

 Do NOT forget the twist, that is a winter theme card this time ;o)

Hope you all make a beautiful card again for your stock of Christmas cards :o)
We would love to see them!!


Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Winner and top 3

What a great cards you've made all for the last challenge, we love to see them ;o) And we hope you can join us in the next challenge too ...

The top three is

And the lucky winner, randomly chosen

And #24 is Sjakkie from Sjakkie's Scrapcards

You won the last challenge Sjakkie and therefore the great price sponsored by Crealies. Please email us before Saturday March 3rd to claim your prize.

And this is the card she made

See you all in a hour ;o)


4 x Donnie Darko

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Monday, February 27, 2012

Disney is looking.....

Eric Larson sent me this terrific brochure in the late seventies, while I was still studying Graphic Design in Germany.
My jaw dropped, and my eyes popped out of my head when I browsed through the pages.
This was Disney NOW, people working on a variety of projects and looking toward the future of Disney animation. There was no way I was not going to try to be part of this…whatever it would take.
I was dead serious about this. I remember being a little intimidated by the sample sketchbook pages toward the end. They looked pretty awesome to me. I don't think I draw THAT well, was my thinking.
Mel Shaw's artwork for "The Hero from Otherwhere" and "The Black Cauldron" blew me away.
I had always been excited about Disney, but this brochure set me on fire.

I won't write captions for every photo, but you find talented folks like effects animator Ted Kierscey, story man Pete Young, animator Gary Goldman, Glen Keane, writer Steve Hulett, Disney CEO Ron Miller, Tad Stones, director/animator Don Bluth, Lorna Cook, Ed Gombert, John Pomeroy, Emily Juliano, Dave Spafford, Don Griffith (couldn't do a bad layout to save his life) with Dan Hansen, Eric Larson with Rebecca Reese, Frank Thomas with Ron Husband and a few others.

It takes my breath away just remembering and writing about this.