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Japanese Dragon Tattoos - Tips for Finding the Perfect Japanese Dragon Tattoo

Don't get Japanese Dragon Tattoos until you read this. After reading this short article, you will be more well informed and able to make a better choice when selecting your Design.
Let's begin. The dragon has long been an important symbol in Japanese mythology. The Japanese dragon is a fascinating creature with the head of a camel, eyes of a hare, horns of a deer, scales of a carp, paws of a tiger, and claws of an eagle. Additionally, Japanese dragons also commonly have long whiskers and a jewel under its chin.
Japanese Dragon TattoosJapanese Dragon Tattoos

 Many people are attracted to the allure of these mystical creatures, but few people truly know what they symbolize. Japanese dragons, lije their Chinese counterparts, are distinct from Western dragons. Whereas in Western culture they are depicted as evil and malevolent, dragons in Japanese Mythology are viewed as guardians of the imperial families. For this reason, many people chose the Japanese dragon to serve as a guardian and protector. In Japan, a dragon is normally called "Ryu" (You might recall Ryu from Street Fighter). These mythical beasts command a high level of respect since it is believed that the first emperor of Japan was descended from a dragon. In Japan, these creatures are also viewed as gods of lighting and thunder.
Popular locations for Japanese dragon tattoos include full back and upper arm designs. For upper arm designr, the dragon typically wraps around the arm, with the head extending onto the chest or back region. This however should not limit your decision on where to place this tattoo. The style and location of your design should be personal and unique, as these factors will ultimately determine the meaning of your tattoo.
If you're looking for really cool Japanese dragon tattoos, I highly recommend you check out the internet's largest tattoo gallery at
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Sexy Hot Tribal Tattoos

Sexy Hot Tribal Tattoos
Sexy Hot Tribal Tattoos

The rib and foot area are the two most painful parts of the body to get tattooed yet they are still the top picks of women nowadays when it comes to tattoo locations. They seem to be the new replacement for lower back tattoos especially because of the fact that that area has been labeled as a "tramp stamp".
Megan Star is the most popular sexy celebrity to have tattoos on the rib. She has a textual theme with with the phrase "there was once a girl who never knew love until a boy broke her heart" written down on her rib cage. A lot of women seem to be following her lead as phrases, verses and quotations inked on the ribs seem to be becoming the new trend nowadays. Since the rib cage is a big canvas to work on, there is ample space enough to accommodate larger tattoo theme like these. Other popular designs for rib tattoos for girls and women are flowers such as cherry blossom, lotus and lilies.
Foot tattoos was once an unpopular choice when it comes to tattoo locations because of the risks involved. For one, there are a lot of nerve endings on these area and there are less tissues to cushion the skin during the tattooing process. Nowadays, this does not seem to matter anymore as a lot of professional tattoo artists are able to adjust to this conditions considering the high demand for this type of tat theme. Women love wearing sexy footwear such as stilettos and sandals and what better way to accentuate this by sporting a decorated foot with designs such as flowers, butterflies, stars and zodiac symbols.
For more designs and ideas for your Rib and Foot Tattoos, check out the Best Tattoo Gallery online.
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Japanese Tattoo Designs

When a country has conjured-up one of the most amazing styles of body art around, how on earth can it be so idiotic as to ban it? This is a question that tattoo enthusiasts have been deliberating over for a number of decades now, but luckily for us, this style has broken out of the Far East and has made it to our shores.
Japanese tattoo designs really do make for some of the most impressive pieces of body art you are ever likely to see; Fact! The use of color and black and grey shading will grab anyone's attention and as this style is so versatile, it will look great when applied to any part of the body.

Japanese Tattoo Designs


One of the main central themes is dragons. These legendary beasts always include very detailed work: literally down to the last scale on the dragon's body. The dragons will often be colored with very vibrant shades which will then be surrounded by plenty of panelling or swirls. A black background helps to make the central feature stand out.
Other popular features include Geisha girls and coy fish. Coy fish look especially great as a forearm piece and are even more effective when surrounded by Japanese wave patterns. Include some water lilies within this design and you will have a fashionable and awesome Japanese piece to treasure.
Traditionally, before the style of tattooing was banned in Japan, body art was often taken to the extreme of a complete body suit. As it is becoming more and more acceptable to get heavily tattooed today, many people turn to these styles for extensive work.
Japanese designs are very masculine in appearance and usually make for the best larger pieces. They can be found as smaller designs and always look better on men. If you are looking for a feminine piece, it is usually a good idea to dispense with the extensive background panelling.
John Clifford has now made it easy for you to find your own tattoo. You'll find the best Japanese designs on his website.
I suggest you browse through the plethora of designs that are available on this site and conjure up a tattoo that will be the very best for you-
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Dragon Tattoos

Dragon Tattoos
 Dragon Tattoos
Dragons have been forged into an art that has flourished into thousands of dragon tattoo designs. They have appeared on the arms of men and has embellished the backs of many as a full cover tattoo. Women has also fancied the dragon tattoos as well, tattooing their bodies with tribal dragons, fantasy and cute dragon tattoos, like those depicted in fairy-tales. The symbol of the mighty and powerful beast has been a part of the tattooing designs for decades and it still continues today.
Dragons are mythical creatures of past folklore and legends. They have had a part in stories of fairy-tales, movies and books throughout our history. The myth of dragons believed they once roamed this vast world and many legends can be discovered throughout many cultures. Each culture having their own knowledge about them and are commonly known as being fierce, powerful and mighty. But dragons can also be revered as being respectable and that of good nature. As with some cultures, they are regarded as being a symbolic representation for good luck and good fortune.
Because of the widespread of dragon fables and the symbolic representation that they carry, numerous people have decided to get tattoos of dragons. In many civilizations dragon tattoos have been a part of their body-art designs for ages. Adorning their skin with the mighty image of a dragon, the dragon tattoos have grown in popularity very much in the same fashion the legends have spread.
The designs are very popular among men but women are just as fascinated and captivated by the designs just as much. The dragon designs are overwhelming and have many styles and ways of being interpreted onto the skin. Tattoo designs of fantasy dragons, Japanese, Chinese, Celtic and many others have bought to life, this magnificent creature of our past. Many people have tattooed the image for the symbolic meanings behind them and some, for its pure majestic looks.
Dragon tattoo designs have become so popular it is sometimes considered as the first tattoo to get by most men. The tattoo of dragons seem to have a positive and negative side to them. They can be symbolize as strength and power and at the same time be considered mischievous and destructive. Regardless dragon tattoos are a favorite design many people choose to consider.
If you'd like some ideas for a tattoo of your own. Feel free to take a look at some pictures of dragon tattoos to procure some thoughts and get your imagination flowing. Good luck in discovering your new tattoo design.
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Sexy Girl Tattoo

Sexy Girl Tattoo
 Sexy Girl Tattoo

The right kind of tattoo on a girl can be incredibly sexy. Here are some important points when going for a sexy girl tattoo:
1. What kind of design? A sexy girl tattoo should be something erotic, exotic, and even a little dangerous looking. What you should not get is something "cute", like a rose or some common type of girl tattoo. The design that stands out is going to be strong and sexy. You can still bring femininity into your tattoo by adding other elements around it. For instance a dragon tattoo on a female can be very sexy, while you can then add in surrounding stars or small flowers to accentuate feminine qualities, while remaining sexy and dangerous.

Sexy Girl Tattoo
  Sexy Girl Tattoo

2. Where to get your female sexy tattoo? Areas that accentuate a sexy tattoo are upper arms, upper back, and upper thigh areas. Other areas may work well also, but one area to avoid is the lower back. While this area has been viewed as a sexy place to get your female tattoo, it's been played out and become too much of a trend. Now slang terminology has emerged referring to female low back tattoo's as "tramp stamps". So instead of "sexy", low back tattoo's have turned into trendy and unoriginal.
3. How large? Generally sexy female tattoo's tend to be bigger, which contributes to their strong, stand out look. Again, a small tattoo tends to be more "cute" than sexy. Whereas a larger tattoo stands out and can be much more elaborate, sexy and "dangerous looking". It need not be a large mural filling up your whole back, but an above average sized tattoo tends to be the sexiest.
I've discovered an amazing assortment of sexy and dangerous tattoo's which you can use for free. See Here you can search through hundreds of one of a kind, unique designs. Check out and thanks for reading.

The 21st Century is Kind of Awesome

This was supposed to go into the author's note for the latest chapter of The Prince and Me but then it began to feel like it's going to get longer than the fic itself.  

The name of the chapter (The 21st Century is Kind of Awesome) is basically the summary of a Twilight fanfic that is currently on my favourite list (yes, I do have Twilight fics in my fav list, and often they are better than the books). That fic, called going nowhere, going somewhere by Estora revolves around an Edward who actually has a personality. This fic has very little to do with the chapter of my fic, but I liked the phrase hehe.

First of all, I have to say the chapter The 21st Century is Kind of Awesome is partly a result of my attempt at Nanowrimo this year (which I failed spectacularly, all efforts considered). Part of Nano includes a lot of procrastination time whereby I dig up all these character building quizzes. You now, quizzes that have you pretend to be your character and answer questions about each and every one of their likes and dislike. 

And so The 21st Century is Kind of Awesome is a sort of an exploration of some of Xiao Yan's (and to a certain extent, Yong Qi's) likes and dislikes, but then somehow goes into a sort of reflection of my own rather odd love affair with Zhao Wei. 

On the subject of some of Yong Qi's likes, in reality, Tottenham Hotspurs are not doing so badly in the Premier League as I imply in the chapter. Not that I actually follow Premier League football.

In case you did not recognise the movie that Xiao Yan and Yong Qi went to see in this chapter, it is, of course, A Time to Love, starring Zhao Wei and Lu Yi.

I just wanted to share the whole idea behind the scene where Xiao Yan and Yong Qi went to the hotpot restaurant, which on the surface seems like a pretty useless scene. Well, it is pretty useless, but it's 100% based on my experience at Hai Di Lao Hotpot. 

Bei Wa Lu is a real street in Beijing (at least, I think I remembered it right), where near there is a real Hai Di Lao Hotpot restaurant. I ate there when I was recently (read, a month ago) in Beijing and I swear, it was one of the best service experiences of my life, if not the best. In Vietnamese we have a saying, "The customer is the emperor" and boy, did I feel like an emperor there. 

My friend and I didn’t actually have to wait for a table when we went there, but there war a waiting area that looked pretty cool and I have heard you do actually get a manicure and a shoe shine as you wait. 

Regarding the bathroom of this restaurant, it might seem strange for me to gush about a bathroom. But I swear everything I described in that scene in the fic is true. Except that, unlike Xiao Yan, I couldn't ask a waiter for direction to the bathroom from my table (because I speak no Chinese), it took me several near wrong turns to get to the bathroom. Yes, there were signs but still it was like a maze. I nearly got lost getting back to the table, which of course has no sign to direct me. But the bathroom was pretty awesome, especially compared to normal Beijing public toilets, but I won't go into that. 

Of course, whether this restaurant existed in 2005 when The Prince and Me was set, I don't know and if it did, whether it looked like it does now in 2010 is debatable. And for all my awe about this restaurant, I was disappointed when I got home and realised I had taken no photo of it. I think my friend and I were too busy eating. 

By the way, while I'm on the topic of my trip to Beijing, I have to say I did pass Gong Zhu Fen or the place that inspired HZGG. Well, it's a subway station.'s pretty unepic. But I did get a photo of the sign that said Gong Zhu Fen.

My friend and I were planning to go to the set where they shot HZGG but that plan fell through the roof. That place is supposed to be quite a way outside the city so we were actually ready to spend a whole day to get there and back. Unfortunately the day before we planned to go, we decided to go to the Ba Da Ling Great Wall near the Olympic One World One Dream sign. On a Sunday in the Chinese National Day weekend. 

Well, needless to say, the combination of the destination and the date made traffic...a nightmare. We left the house at 7am and got the Great Wall at 12 noon. Yeah, I spent 5 hours standing squished on a bus. Anyway, we knew that to go to the place where they shot HZGG, we'd have to pretty much make that same bus trip, only go for even longer. After that bus trip from hell, not even the prospect of seeing Shu Fang Zhai (if it's still there, which is doubtful) could draw two massive HZGG fans to get on that bus again. 

And I actually had hoped to see Jing Yang Gong when I visited the Palace Museum. That didn't happen either. Again, it was Chinese National Day holidays, so the Palace Museum was packed. I don't think it would be even that packed when people actually lived there. So basically by the time we made it from the Imperial Garden out to Qian Qing Gong, we were basically too eager to get out of the crowd (by that time, all we could actually see was people and practically nothing else.) to even want to go find Jing Yang Gong which was somewhere off to the sides. We didn't even bother to fight our way in to see Tai Hua Dian which is arguably one of the main attractions of the place. 

 View from Wu Men

Boy, after visiting the Palace Museum, did I feel for Xiao Yan Zi. Now I totally understand why she needed the Easy Kneeling. And now I also so understand why getting in was hard, getting out of the palace was even harder.   

We sat on the steps of Yang Xin Dian, eating ice cream. I'm pretty sure Qian Long would have loved us for it if he ever knew. Then again, I'm pretty sure if ice cream existed in China in those days, Xiao Yan Zi would not be above eating it while sitting on the steps of Yang Xin Dian either.

No, I didn't make it to Heng Dian Studios in Zhejiang to check out the set of the New HZGG. But that's probably for the best. Though speaking of New HZGG, walking around the market, or the Palace Museum, or the Great Wall, there were a lot of stalls selling the Manchurian princess hats as souvenir or toys. Please tell me this is normal in Beijing regardless of the new HZGG being made. But even then, I suspect these princess hats are a result of the New HZGG since along with Manchurian princess hats, there were exact replica of the new Sai Ya's (Tibetan princess) hat as shown in released stills of HZGG. Well, looks like the drama isn't even out yet and it's already making money. 

Panda Ge ge

Feminine Cute & Sexy Tattoos For Women - Tattoos Designs For Girls on the Foot, Ankle & Wrist

Feminine Cute & Sexy Tattoos For Women - Tattoos Designs For Girls on the Foot, Ankle & Wrist 
Feminine Cute & Sexy Tattoos

Every girl wants to have a great looking tattoo design that enhances their overall look. However, finding feminine and cute tattoos for women can at times be frustrating. Searching online or at your local tattoo shop for the right ankle or foot tattoo can be hard. It sometimes takes hours of searching to come up short. Here is a list of ideas to get your own thoughts flowing. It is not a complete or exhaustive list of tattoo designs for girls by any means but it at least gives you some great ideas and locations to get a tattoo design and how to make it cute, feminine and sexy all at the same time.

Feminine Cute & Sexy Tattoos For Women - Tattoos Designs For Girls on the Foot, Ankle & Wrist
Feminine Cute & Sexy Tattoos

Possible Designs
There or course are a ton of designs out there and what you pick is a matter of person choice. What one person thinks is cute or sexy might be different then another person. So whenever choosing a tattoo design it is important to pick something for you and not for anyone else. In other words don't pick a tattoo because your friend likes or doesn't like it but pick a design that you think is feminine or sexy or whatever look you are after. These are just some popular ideas.
  • Cherry Blossoms - Cherry blossoms make a great tattoo that can be done in a pretty small location such as a wrist or foot or even around an ankle. Cherry blossoms are a beautiful lower that symbolizes the beauty and shortness of life and it is a symbol that is meant to remind the person to live life to the fullest.
  • Fairy Tattoos - Fairies work great in just about any location on the body. If you are not sure about the foot or ankle a fairy design can easily be done on the hip, shoulder or just about anywhere. The other great thing about a fairy is it doesn't necessarily have a meaning already ascribed to it. It is more about the design and look of the fairy that you choose. You can go for a shy coy fairy or a sexy hot fairy or even an evil scary looking fairy if you want something tough.
  • Tribal Designs - Tribal designs are typically more the domain of men. However, more and more women are choosing traditionally male designs and femininzing them. It is not really a word but it best describes the process of taking a tattoo and adding a cute feminine touch to it. So instead of a think black line tribal design one might chose something with more swirls and color to it and make it look cute. Tribal tattoos make good bracelet designs that wrap around an ankle or wrist but can also be done on the top of the foot or just about anywhere else.
  • Star Tattoos - Star tattoos have always been popular among women. You can get a cute cluster of small stars just about anywhere on your body. Stars typically are mysterious and represent beauty. If you want something a little bigger you can always opt for a shooting star or a nautical star design for something with a bit of an edge to it.
Feminine Cute & Sexy Tattoos For Women - Tattoos Designs For Girls on the Foot, Ankle & Wrist
 Feminine Cute & Sexy Tattoos

Think SmallWhile the design is important it is not the only thing that can make a tattoo design for girls look sexy or cute. It also has to do with size and typically women tend to get smaller designs to make them look cute. However, you are not locked into that and a big design can also look very cute depending on the location and the chosen subject of the tattoo. Just keep in mind you are free to be creative and have fun with the design and choose a size that express something about you and something that looks great to you.
Think Location
Another important part of choose a sexy tattoo design is the location. Choosing an intimate or hidden location can often make the tattoo the perfect adornment. Something like the top of the foot, the wrist, ankle, back of the neck and hip are all areas that you might want to consider. Putting a tattoo in these areas accentuates the natural beauty and sexiness of the area.
Think Sexy
Most importantly no matter what tattoo design you choose the ultimate goal is the design should be something you think is cute and sexy. If you are into the tattoo and really feel passionate about it you will carry yourself in a different manner when you get it inked on your body. Being confident and assured in who you are and knowing yourself well are all way more sexy then the location of design of the tattoo.
Again it is important to take your time and select the tattoo carefully. Think about a feeling, emotion or value that you want to reveal about yourself and then design the tattoo to symbolize this. Don't rush into getting a tattoo design and enjoy the time you spend looking for it. The more effort you put into the final design and the more meaning you add to the tattoo you choose the more meaningful it will be to you in the end and then the sexier it will be. There are a ton of great sexy tattoo designs for women at this site. You might not find the exact tattoo at the site but it will give you a ton of resources and designs to work from in creating your own work of art. Also if you want to know more about designing a tatto.

Blogger Stumbles into Assange Media Scrum

By chance, I found myself in the middle of the international press scrum surrounding the first court appearance of Julian Assange at the Westminster Magistrates' Court today. I'm not sure what this has to do with the project described in this blog, but the incident occurred after spending a lot of time in Westminster observing the general increase in police activities.

Man Legendary tattoo

Royal Palace

Aishwarya Rai Wallpapers

The Best Top HD Indian actress Aishwarya Rai Bachchan desktop Wallpapers in HD. High resolution Aishwarya Rai Bachchan backgrounds, widescreen, 4:3 and 16:9. Wallpapers for your pc with XP, Vista, Windows 7 and Mac. Aishwarya Rai is an Indian film actress who played in many movies.

Desktop hd wallpaper with the famous Indian actress Aishwarya Rai Bachchan in front of the Taj Mahal in India
Background for pc with a nice photo of Aishwarya Rai Bachchan on a balcony   

Picture of dark haired Aishwarya Rai Bachchan  in white lace lingerie 

Mor wallpapers of this category...

Challenge #23 sponsored by Hein Design

Goodmorning all, welcome back to our Christmas Challenge blog. Thank you everyone who participated, we had such amazing entries just like every other challenge we’ve had. We're so glad to have you joining us for our next challenge here at Christmas Challenges {with sketches}.

Our sponsor this week is Heindesign and the price remains to be a surprise!!
 Thank you so much Wolfgang and we also want to say congratulations on the birth of your daughter Hanna ;o)

Heindesign is a almost 25 year old company - 1987 we did bring stamping to Europe. We is Wolfgang Hein a trained window decorator and Photo-Designer and a group of nice well trained people who are working for Heindesign since many years. Since the beginning of our business we were dedicated to teach people to be creative with stamps. First we were teaching on flea- and art markets. Later we printed catalogs to reach more people. Than in the 90ties we used the internet to show our ideas. We are producing our own stamps in our little factory. Our big vulcanizer "Olga" is pressing rubber everyday since many many years. In cooperation we producing designs from Judi-Kins too. The quality of our stamps gets praised where ever we go, but we just try to make good stamps - deep rubber nice handle.

The design team made some great samples, check them out, the sketch is made by Nicole and the TWIST for this challenge is
'White on White ONLY color your im`ge'

Please read the rules before you playing with us this time ;o) You can find the sketch on the end of this post ...

Made by Nicole

Made by Renata

Made by Wilma

Made by Carol

Made by Janneke

Made by Linda

Made by Marion

Made by Nicolet

And our lovely Guest team

Made by Marijke

Made by Sparcstation

Made by Wilma

Made by Lizy

Here is the sketch that Nicole made for you and do not FORGET the twist this time, that is to use 
white on white and only color your image ;o)

As always, you can rotate the sketch and resize the elements, as long as you follow the original sketch and use a stamped image or digistamp, that way your entry qualifies for the prize draw. To join the challenges and to be eligible for the prize made ​​available by the sponsor of this challenge, we have a few rules. You can find them here.

Have fun!


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Top 3 and Winners

Thank you all so much for joining us in the last Challenge ;o) We will be back in a hour with a great new sketch and this time we have a twist again ...

The top three is:

#15 Ghea

And the lucky winner, random chosen is:

And #7 is Corrie from Corrie's kaartenhobby

You won the last challenge Corrie and therefore the great price sponsored by Inky Impressions.
 Please email us before Saturday March 31th to claim your prize.

And this is the card she made

Congratulations girls, you can find the badge for your blog on this page ;o)

 See you soon ;o)



FC Bayern München

White Wallpapers part 2

The Best Top Desktop White Wallpapers in all kind of resolutions and sizes. For your computer or laptop with XP, Vista, Windows 7 and Mac OS. High resolution White backgrounds, widescreen, 4:3, 16:9 and HD wallpapers.
White desktop hd wallpaper with black shadows of dancing people

White iPad 3 wallpaper with the Apple logo in the colors of the rainbow

Nice photo of a blonde girl wearing a black white bra and bunny ears

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one more nuclear power station

We had 54 nuclear power stations in Japan.
Yesterday, one in Niigata prefecture stopped and now 53 nuclear power stations stopped.
The last one in Hokkaido prefecture will stop on May 5th.
After that, no more working nuclear power stations in Japan!

Until the earthquakes, tsunami and Fukushima incident last year, 37 nuclear power stations had been working.
But after the disasters, many of them stopped for safety inspection.
Some of them were supposed to work again after the inspection.
However, many local governments and citizens opposed and conducted demos.
They remained being stopped.

We relied 30% on nuclear energy.
Now thermal power stations which had stopped started working again.

And all of us do our best to save energy.
A variety of clean energy are being developed now.

We can't avoid natural disasters like earthquakes and tsunami.
But we hope we like to avoid the secondary disasters like fire and explosion of nuclear power stations.

Japan experienced atomic bombs and explosion of nuclear power stations.
We shout loud NO MORE NUCLEAR!!!

It is true that nuclear have contributed to the development of our life.
So we thank the nuclear truly and release them.
Thank you very much!
Good bye forever!
Rest in peace!

We have to find out the way to dispose of nuclear waste next!

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Animation Master Class in Montreal

I will be in Montreal for a couple days of classes on June 2 and 3.  It will be fun to share my "animated experiences" and cover all aspects of character animation, technical as well as artistic.
Thanks to Samantha Youssef for inviting me.

If you are interested in attending, here is the official link:

This is not a Computer

Six desktop wallpapers

As Picwall.Info provides many beautiful and amazing wallpapers and backgrounds for Desktops, Laptops or Computers, today I am sharing six desktop wallpapers for you. You might love those desktop wallpapers and don't forget to share those with your friends. Please leave your comments on comment box.

Visit frequently to get more desktop wallpapers and You can check our existing Desktop Wallpapers Categories, Windows Wallpapers, Ubuntu Wallpapers, Mac Wallpapers.
Hope you will love those.
desktop wallpapers
desktop wallpapers
desktop wallpapers
desktop wallpapers
desktop wallpapers
desktop wallpapers