Sunday, March 18, 2012

New amazing Facebook Cover Timeline Cover Photos

Facebook has recently changed a lot, indeed its getting better and better. With the revoulution of social networking the giant Facebook tweking almost everyday to update its structure. Thus provide user friendly profile structure. Among all of new features which has been so popular the introduction of TIMELINE is the most popular one and important one.

Recently all the fan pages of Facebook and Groups are converting to timeline. And whats the so popular about the timeline? Yes, Timeline provides all the profile information according to date. All the status, photos or post that you make are saved in your timeline, like a diary. So, your friends are able to view them accordingly. The Cover Photo in the top of the timeline has become a common fashion itself. And many Facebook followers and friends has told me that they love to show thir fashion through their Facebook Timeline Covers. Interesting!! Yea, thats the most interesting thing I feel about. I also like to put a Cover photo of my choice.

Some days back I have post Seven Facebook Cover Photos in Picwall.Info which has become the most popular posts of my blog. Now that, I have also received some request from some followers of my blog saying that they need more. I have decided to upload some more Facebook Cover Photo today. Besides you may check the other Facebook Covers. I hope you will like that. Please don't forget to like, comment or share those with your friends.
What is Love?
Do it Cover
I know you are not Cover
I love me
Love Facebook Cover
Fb Addict
I am a loser baby